Supporting the contribution of higher education institutions to regional development - Project team


The Project team was made up of a Project Steering Group and Project Task Group, with a different composition of members and tasks. The secretariat was provided by IMHE.

The project steering group comprises of:

  • Professor José-Ginés Mora Ruiz (A representative of the IMHE Governing Board; Chair), Technical University of Valencia, Spain),
  • Mr. Richard Yelland (A representative of the OECD/IMHE), Division Head (OECD, EDU/IMHE),
  • Mr. Mario PEZZINI (A representative ot the OECD), Division Head (OECD, GOV/TRG),
  • Ms. Janette Cheong (A representative of the HEFCE , a co-sponsoring organisation), 
  • Professor John Goddard (Project Leader), University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom,

The terms of reference of the project steering group were to:

  • oversee, steer and ensure continuing commitment to the project
  • agree on the project specification, scope, budget & resources, and timetable
  • agree on the criteria for participation and the list of regions to be covered
  • agree on the common set of principles for the self-evaluation
  • approve dissemination/publication of the interim and final outcomes of the project
  • monitor the work of the project task group.

The project task group was responsible to the steering group for implementation of the project:

The roles of the project task group included to:

  • advise the steering group on the criteria for participation and the list of regions to be included in the project
  • develop a common framework to guide a self-evaluation in individual regions
  • develop a methodology of a regional site visit and manage the schedule of reviews
  • review self-evaluation reports/ peer review reports and draft an international synthesis paper.