Supporting the contribution of higher education institutions to regional development - Participating regions


This thematic review project focused on the interaction between higher education institutions (HEIs) and regions. 
The participants were HEIs, the regions with which they had some history of joint working, and public authorities responsible for territorial and higher education development at the national and sub-national scale.
The focus of the study was on the impact of higher education (not a selected number of HEIs) on regional development. Feedback on the process and impact of the review was collected from the regions - 14 in 12 countries - with the help of online questionnaire in Dec 2007. According to the feedback the review had improved collaboration between the HEIs and national and regional stakeholders. See feedback from the regions.

Links to more information on participating regions

Australia (Sunshine Coast Region)
Brazil (North Paraná)
Canada (Atlantic CanadaAtlantic Canada)
Denmark (Jutland-Funen Region)
Denmark – Sweden (Øresund Region)
Finland (Jyväskylä Region)
England (North East Region)
Spain (Valencia Region Canary Islands)
Sweden (Värmland Region)
Netherlands (Twente Region)
Norway (Mid-Norwegian Region)
Korea (Busan Region)
Mexico (Nuevo León )

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