State of Higher Education 2014


Released in January 2015, this is the second issue of the annual publication for members of the OECD Higher Education Programme.

This publication contains new work from the OECD Higher Education Programme and the Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation. The main chapters cover: a proposed quality framework for quality assurance and improvement, innovative concepts and practices of business models in higher education, and new approaches to funding and promoting research excellence. The publication includes three original, commissioned articles by Sir Peter Scott, Professor Jane Knight and Ms Concepcion V. Pijano.

The aim of this publication is to provide important information for members of the OECD Higher Education Programme in line with the mandate to strengthen institutional governance and management. Recognising that higher education leaders are facing many challenges and pressures and can make good use of thoughtful and pertinent analysis, the Higher Education Programme seeks to support the essential work of members in the field.

The State of Higher Education publication is part of the OECD Higher Education Programme membership package.


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Contents of the full publication

edited by Anna Glass

  • Foreword
  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1: Monitoring and Enhancing Quality in Higher Education: Developing a Quality Framework by Adam Krcal, Anna Glass, Karine Tremblay
  • Chapter 2: Strengthening Business Models in Higher Education Institutions: An Overview of Innovative Concepts and Practices by Patricia Mangeol
  • Chapter 3: Promoting Research Excellence: New Approaches to Funding by OECD/DSTI, by Ester Basri and Anna Glass

Articles by Experts

  • ASEAN’s Journey toward the Regionalisation of Higher Education by Concepcion Pijano
  • Universities and University Business Models: Reflections on Governance and Structures by Peter Scott
  • What is an International University? by Jane Knight


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