Reviews of higher education in regional and city development 2010-12


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The purpose is to provide HEIs, regional and national authorities, and policy makers with information and analysis to assist them in formulating and implementing policies to mobilise higher education for social, economic and cultural development.


Analytical focus

The OECD review follows a common structure in order to ensure comparability across regions/city regions in different countries.
The reviews investigate:

  • The contribution of HEIs’ research to regional innovation
  • The role of teaching and learning in the development of human capital and skills
  • The contribution of HEIs to social, cultural and environmental development
  • The role of HEIs in building regional capacity to act in an increasingly competitive global economy


Outputs of the review

The reviews will produce a range of outputs that will be disseminated via print and electronic means, workshops and seminars:

  • Regional self-evaluation reports prepared by the regions and their HEIs
  • Peer review reports of all regions prepared by international experts
  • Commissioned papers
  • International comparative analysis on specific issues


Why should you join the third round of OECD reviews?

Read some of the benefits that participating regions and their HEIs have reported. The review can start a positive change process within the region by drawing the different stakeholders together.


Participating regions

Six regions have confirmed their participation:



Guidelines for participating regions and their HEIs


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