Reviews of higher education in regional and city development 2008-11


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The second round of the OECD reviews in 2008-11 has taken the reviews to new geographical areas in OECD countries and emerging economies. The reviews have benefited from collaboration with OECD Directorates and programmes and partners such as the World Bank.

This thematic review has focused on the interaction between higher education institutions (HEIs) and their cities and regions. The participants are HEIs, their cities and regions, and public authorities responsible for regional and higher education development at the national and sub-national scale. The focus is on the impact of higher education system on regional development - not that of an individual HEI.


Key questions

  • What policies, practices and mechanisms promote mobilisation of higher education for regional and city development?
  • How to make reforms happen?
  • Which brings greater benefits to cities and regions:
    a high performing regionally focused HE system or a single world class university?


Participating cities and regions in the 2008-11 reviews

14 regions have gone through the review processes:

Next steps and major developments

  • February 2011: Final conference on higher education in cities and regions in Seville, Spain (10-11 Feb)
  • September 2010: OECD roundtable for cities and regions in Paris (15 - 16 Sept)
  • September 2010: Launch of the OECD report for Rotterdam (10 Sep)
  • August 2010: Launch of the OECD report for Paso del Norte (12 Aug)
  • July 2010: Review visit to Lombardy (27 June - 2 July)
  • May 2010: Review visit to Penang (16 - 21 May)
  • March 2010: Review visit to Catalonia (28 Feb - 6 March)
  • February 2010: Previsit to Lombardy (22-23 Feb). Launch of OECD review report in Amsterdam (18 Feb). 
  • January 2010: Review visit to Andalusia (24-31 Jan)
  • December 2009: Review visits to Victoria and Parana (6-12 Dec). Pre-visit to Penang (17-18 Dec).
  • November 2009: Review visits to Rotterdam (8-13 Nov) and Galilee (21-27 Nov). Pre-visits to Andalusia (10-11 Nov) and Catalonia (12-13 Nov).
  • October 2009: Review visits to Southern Arizona (4-10 Oct), Veracruz (11-17 Oct) and Paso del Norte (25-31 Oct). Pre-visit to Parana (20-21 Oct).
  • September 2009: Review visits to Berlin and Amsterdam (13-18 Sep) and pre-visit to Southern Arizona (1-2 Sep), Paso del Norte (3-4 Sep), Victoria (3-4 Sep), Galilee (20-22 Sep) and Rotterdam (22-23 Sep).
  • August 2009: Review visit to Bío Bío (16-22 Aug) and pre-visit to Amsterdam (5 Aug) and Veracruz (25-26 Aug).
  • June-July 2009: Pre-visit to Berlin (25-26 June) and Bío Bío (12-14 July). More information in our here.
  • August 2009 - March 2010: OECD-led peer review visits to the participating regions
  • May 2009: Launch of interactive web to facilitate knowledge sharing
  • September 2008 - February 2010: Self-evaluation process
  • January 2008: Official launch of the reviews for 2008-2010
  • December 2007: Joint World Bank–OECD review of Kazan City-Region
  • End 2007: Revised guidelines for the participation of regions and their HEIs adopted
  • First round of reviews 2004-2007: OECD review project
    “Supporting the Contribution of HEIs to Regional Development”
  • September 2007: Outcomes of the 2004-2007 review project launched at international conference in Valencia, Spain: Globally Competitive, Locally Engaged - Higher Education and Regions

Email addresses of the Regional Co-ordinators

  • State of Victoria:
    Faye BURTON fburton[at];
    Pin NG (Victoria Department of Innovation Industry and Regional Development (DIIRD) )[at]

  • State of Paraná: Cássio ROLIM (Universidade Federal do Paraná)

  • Bío Bío Region:
    Martin ZILIC HREPIC (Universidad de Concepción) mzilic[at];
    Andrés VIVEROS CIFUENTES (Agencia Regional de Innovación y Desarrollo productivo)

  • City of Berlin:
    Lena ULBRICHT (Social Science Research Center Berlin) ulbricht[at];
    Ulrich SCHREITERER (Social Science Research Centre (WZB) ) uli.schreiterer[at]

  • The Galilee:
    Dr. John E. GOLUB (Council for Higher Education Israel) john.golub[at];
    Galit EIZMAN (Council for Higher Education Israel) galit[at]

  • Region of Lombardy:
    Prof. Alberto BRUGNOLI (Lombardy Regional Institute for Research)
    Sabrina BANDERA (Lombardy Regional Institute for Research) bandera[at]

  • State of Penang: Prof. Sirat MORSHIDI (Universiti Sains Malaysia)

  • State of Veracruz:
    Jose RANGEL DIAZ (University of Veracruz) jorangel[at]uv.mxl;
    Ángel Antonio FERNANDEZ MONTIEL Universidad Veracruzana anfernandez[at]
  • State of Sonora: José Manuel OCHOA (Sonora Institute of Technology)
  • City-Region of Amsterdam: Prof. Dr. Peter NIJKAMP (VU University Amsterdam)

  • City-Region of Rotterdam:  Prof. Marianne DONKER, (Municipality of Rotterdam) m.donker[at]  

  • Autonomous Region of Andalusia: Eulalia W. PETIT DE GABRIEL (University of Seville)

  • Autonomous Region of Catalonia:
    Marti PARELLADA (Fundación CYD)
    Josep VILALTA (Associació Catalana d'Universitats Públiques, ACUP)

  • Paso del Norte Region: Lisa COLQITT-MUÑOZ (Paso del Norte Group)

  • Southern Arizona: Francisco MARMOLEJO (University of Arizona)


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