Reviews of Higher Education in Regional and City Development - International Seminar


OECD/IMHE International Seminar


“Collaboration between Vocational and

University Education: Building

Partnerships for Regional Development”

17-18 October 2011,

Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain.


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Tertiary education has become more diverse in its providers, its learners and the range of skills and training it provides as a response to the growing demand of education in knowledge-based economies. New and more flexible modes of study and delivery have been put in place to attend to the needs of a more heterogeneous student body, in terms of socio-economic background, ethnicity, previous education, age, aspirations, and academic ability. This institutional differentiation has blurred the boundaries between vocational and university education, increasing the competition between tertiary education institutions (TEIs) for students and resources.


In a context of constant changes and great uncertainty, tertiary education institutions (TEIs) have to collaborate in order to improve their  responsiveness to the needs of the labour market and the wider society. TEIs can play a key role in human capital development and innovation systems and can help their cities and regions become more innovative and globally competitive. The OECD Reviews of Higher Education in Regional and City Development assist TEIs and regional governments to achieve this objective.


This seminar will examine the main challenges and opportunities of collaboration between vocational tertiary and university education for regional development. International good practices of collaboration and division of labour between tertiary education institutions will be presented and discussed from the perspective of their contributions to human capital development and innovation in cities and regions. The seminar is co-organised the OECD/IMHE, the Spanish Ministry of Education and the University of the Basque Country.

The aim

The objectives of the seminar are:

• To provide opportunities for shared learning and networking between the regions and tertiary education institutions.
• To discuss international good practices of collaboration between vocational tertiary education and university education and to provide the opportunity for benchmarking between regions.
• To highlight innovative approaches in the areas of widening access to tertiary education; learning pathways from vocational to higher education and vice versa; tertiary education institutions’ commitment to lifelong learning; institutional collaboration for innovation; and new forms of provision of education and training in tertiary education
• To contribute to the preparation of an OECD/IMHE Thematic Report on “Vocational and University Collaboration for Regional Development”.



The programme is available here.



Speakers included:Bernard HUGONNIER, (Directorate for Education, OECD), Michael YOUNG, (Institute of Education, UK) Sten TIEDEMANN, (Danish University Extension in Aarhus, DK) Jim GALLACHER, (Glasgow Caledonian University, UK) Attila PAUSITS, (Danube University of Krems, AU) and Màrius RUBIRALTA, (Ministry of Education, ES) as well as other leading international experts in the field.


This seminar is for:  policy makers and practitioners; public and private bodies concerned with human capital development and innovation in cities and regions; and leaders and managers of universities and vocational tertiary education institutions.


Registration and further Information

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