Review of Higher Education Institutions in Regional Development 2008-10: the City-Region of Amsterdam, the Netherlands


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The Executive summary is available here.


Amsterdam has the characteristics of creativeness, openness and diversity that make it attractive to global talent and young population. It has strong research universities and excellent transport infrastructure including one of the world’s leading airports. It is the financial capital of the Netherlands and home to many multinational companies. Amsterdam’s cultural and architectural heritage have ensured that it is better-known globally than many cities twice its size. However, the Amsterdam metropolitan region still has unfulfilled potential. This report looks at how to encourage effective interaction between the higher education sector and the region ,not simply on the transfer of technology and knowledge, but on the mobility and skills of people. It considers how to develop and transform the talents and competences both of the young non-Western minority and of the 30+ age-group. This publication explores a range of helpful policy measures and institutional reforms to mobilise higher education for the development of Amsterdam.


By participating in the OECD Reviews of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Regional Development the region expects to:

  • stimulate the development of the knowledge economy
  • develop and reinforce partnerships between HEIs and business and industry and other social partners
  • support research and education focussed on regional needs 
  • formulate a joint strategy for the engagement of HEIs in economic, social, and cultural development

Key issues in Amsterdam

  • strengthening social cohesion
  • developing knowledge-based industries in the fields of finance, life sciences, creative industries and sustainable energy

More about Amsterdam, its higher education institutions, and its HEIs' role in regional development


Regional Co-ordinator in Amsterdam

Prof. Dr. Peter Nijkamp 
VU University Amsterdam
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
1105, De Boelelaan
The Netherlands


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