Review of Higher Education in Regional and City Development 2008-10: Catalonia, Spain


The OECD review report Catalonia is available here.


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Catalonia is the main contributor to Spain’s economy. For a long time it has led strategic investment in research and development in Spain and developed highly successful programmes to attract talent. The region also has a unique identity with its own language and a distinct cultural heritage. Catalonia is now feeling the effects of the economic crisis. How can it prepare for the post-crisis economy with the help of the university system? How can it balance attracting expertise from abroad with nurturing talent among its diverse population? How can it unleash the potential of universities to contribute to local and regional


By participating in the OECD Reviews of Higher Education in Regional and City Development the Autonomous Region of Catalonia wants to:

  • Catalan universities are committed to supporting social, economic and cultural development in their region. The OECD review will provide an opportunity to analyse in detail the channels of interaction between the HEIs and the region, and draw from a wider international experience. Identifying good practices and different approaches of other regions will facilitate a common strategy for the universities.


More about Catalonia, its higher education institutions, 
and its HEIs' role in regional development


Key issues in Catalonia

  • Effective knowledge exchange between HEIs and industry
  • Equity in the access to higher education
  • Provision of highly qualified workforce for the development of knowledge intensive industry
  • Innovation as a way out of the crisis

Regional Co-ordinators in Catalonia


Fundación CYD




Associació Catalana d'Universitats Públiques (ACUP)



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