Project on supporting the contribution of higher education institutions to regional development 2005-07


Universities and other higher education institutions (HEIs) make a significant contribution to regional economic, social and cultural development. In a globalised economy this role is growing in importance. IMHE, in collaboration with the OECD Territorial Development and Public Governance Directorate, conducted in 2004-2007 a comparative review of how these issues are addressed in OECD countries, with the objective of reinforcing the partnerships between institutions and regions.



Project Overview 2005-2007

Design and Implementation plan
Participating regions
Project team
Review reports
Final report

Final report (in Spanish)
Other reports: Policy Brief, Understanding the Regional Contribution of Higher Education Institutions and Press Release.



Aide-memoire for regions participating in the OECD Project
Guidelines for regional review visits
Guidelines for preparing the peer review report
Guidelines for pre-visit


Further Reading

Regional Project in IMHE Info
IMHE Info December 2007 PDF version
IMHE Info April 2007 PDF version
IMHE Info April Online version
IMHE Info December 2005 PDF version
1999 IMHE report The Response of Higher Education Institutions to Regional Needs
•   A Short Version by Dr. John Goddard
Publications by The Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council:
•  The Third Role of the Univeristy of Turku
•  The Third Role of Eastern Finland Universities
  The Regional Role of Eastern Finland Universities
Contribution of Spanish Universities to Development. CYD Report 2005 - Executive Summary (in Spanish and English)
OECD Thematic Review of Tertiary Education
GOV/TRG Territorial Reviews:
•  Istanbul - Turkey
•  Oresund, Denmark/Sweden
•  Czech Republic
•  Korea
•  Athens - Greece
Free download for these and other reports at a national and regional level are available here


Partners and Sponsors

OECD Directorate for Territorial Development and Public Governance (GOV)
Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)


Useful Links

FINHEEC (Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council)
CURDS (Centre for Urban and regional Development Studies, United Kingdom)


Meetings and Events

•  Project Launch Workshop, 6-7 January 2005 Paris
•  Regional Coordinators' Meeting, 21 March 2005 Copenhagen
•  International Seminar: The Role of Higher Education Institutions in Regional Development, Karlstad University, Sweden, 4-5 October 2005 and Regional Coordinators Meeting which was co-sponsered by IMHE, the Nordic Universities Association (NUS) and the Nordic Association of University Administrators (NUAS)
•  Supporting the Higher Education Institutions' Contribution to Regional Development - Wrap-up
Conference for Participating Regions, Copenhagen 16-17 October 2006
•  International launch conference, 19-21 September 2007, Valencia


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