IQR - Internationalisation Quality Review presentation


IQR is a quality audit programme geared to assess the individual international objectives and need stated by the participating institution. The multifaceted and multi-national composition of the review team ensures that the visited institution receives competent feedback from international best practice in order to facilitate the formulation of explicit policy and focused action base on general objective of institutional development.


The IQR process is based on two main components, self-assessment and external review, as explained in the guidelines provided by the organisers.


IQR is jointly managed by IMHE and the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA). The fee is 17,500 Euros for members and 19,500 Euros for non-members.

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Three publications have already resulted from this activity: Strategies for
Internationalisation of Higher Education — A Comparative Study of Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States of America
(1995) and Internationalisation of Higher Education in Asia Pacific Countries (1997). Quality and Internationalisation in Higher Education (1999) is the third one.


This last book provides an introduction to the concepts of internationalisation of
higher education and quality assurance (Part I); an overview of the
Internationalisation Quality Review Process and case studies in six countries in
four different continents (Part II); and an analysis of the uses, benefits and issues
related to the quality review of the international dimension in the broader context
of quality assurance in higher education (Part III). This publication is now available free of charge on the web. 26 case studies are available on the web.