Higher Education Management and Policy Vol.19 Issue 1


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ISBN : 9264035664
Publication Date: 5/6/2007
Pages : 146
Tables: 9
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Higher Education Management and Policy: Volume 19 Issue 1

Published three times each year, Higher Education Management and Policy is the journal of OECD's programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education.  It covers practice and policy in the field of higher education management through articles and reports on research projects of wide international scope.


Table of contents

  • Professor Maurice Kogan: In Memoriam
  • The Relationship between Branding and Organisational Change (Bjørn Stensaker)
  • Globalisation, the “Idea of a University” and its Ethical Regimes (Simon Marginson)
  • Internationalisation of Higher Education in the Era of Globalisation: What Have Been its Implications in China and Japan? (Futao Huang)
  • Market Competition, Public Good and Institutional Governance: Analyses of Portugal’s Experience (Alberto Amaral and António Magalhães)
  • Redefining Competition Constructively: The Challenges of Privatisation, Competition and Market-based State Policy in the United States (Peter D. Eckel)
  • The Entrepreneurial State and Research Universities in the United States: Policy and New State-Based Initiatives  (John Aubrey Douglass)
  • The Commercialisation of University Research and Economic Productivity (Paul Clark)

Information on IMHE

In a rapidly-developing global policy environment the objective of the OECD Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education (IMHE) is to provide strategic analysis and recommendations on higher education institutional development and governance to its members.

IMHE is a membership forum under the auspices of the OECD serving policy-makers in national and regional authorities, managers of higher education institutions, and researchers. IMHE now has over 220 members, including higher education institutions, groups of institutions, national agencies and Government departments, from some 40 different countries.

Some of the issues currently being addressed are:

  • Research management;
  • Internationalisation and quality;
  • The governance and financing of higher education institutions;
  • Leadership and management development;
  • Higher education and regional engagement;
  • The classification and ranking of institutions. 


Membership is institutional and has to be approved by the Governing Board  . Within the framework of OECD's mission and objectives, members collectively determine the activities and programme of IMHE through their representatives on the Governing Board which meets twice yearly.

The normal institutional membership fee for 2007 is 3300 Euro, although there is a lower introductory rate of 2000 Euros for the first two years for new institutional members only. This special rate is for individual higher education institutions only and does not apply to collective bodies, ministries or groups of universities.

More details on http://www.oecd.org/edu/higher

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