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On the 14th and 15th October, the OECD-Singapore Conference on Higher Education Futures was held on foward-looking themes in the global higher education landscape. In addition to the main event, there were satellite events on 13th and 16th October and post-conference activities on 16th October. This was a very successful and well attended conference with delegates from many different countries and backgrounds. Find out more about the conference online Please note that registered participants to the conference can find copies of the presentations by logging in to the website. The conference program and the conference summary and outcomes are available at

Read more in the programm booklet and conference summary report.


      • 20-21 November 2014
        "What Works" Conference on Entrepreneurship and Higher Education
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      • 12 November 2014
        Webinar for IMHE members on Career Guidance and Employability
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      • 25 September 2014
        Webinar for IMHE members on OECD's Higher Education at a Glance
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      • 16 June 2014
        Webinar for IMHE members on English as a Medium of Instruction: Philosophies and Policies
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      • 8-9 April 2014
        "What Works" conference for IMHE members on Fostering Quality Teaching in Higher Education: How to Maximise the Added Value of the Student Experience?
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      • 4 March 2014
        Webinar for IMHE members: Educational and Organisational Innovations in Higher Education
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      • 28 January 2014
        Webinar for IMHE members: OECD reviews of Postsecondary Vocational Education and Training: Key Findings
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This conference examined the key role multiple actors play together in tackling the effects of the global financial crisis and fostering recovery policies, especially job creation, innovation, and wealth generation.



The conference examined the global trends and challenges of internationalisation facing higher education institutions throughout the world. It also explored the changes in teaching and learning methods within the context of internationalisation.


Presentations from the conference are being posted here:

The conference attracted some 85 participants from 23 countries, mostly professionals engaged in developing the quality and relevance of teaching and learning in higher education. The format included plenary presentations, case-studies in parallel sessions, and a set of working groups focused on how to address the challenges of improving and evaluating the quality of teaching. The event was extremely well organised, with excellent facilities, and participants responded by showing a high level of commitment and engagement. Presentations and videos will be posted shortly.

The seminar examined the main challenges and opportunities of collaboration between vocational tertiary and university education for regional development. International good practices of collaboration and division of labour between tertiary education institutions were presented and discussed from the perspective of their contributions to human capital development and innovation in cities and regions. The seminar attracted more than 80 participants and counted with the collaboration of 28 speakers. Attendees included experts, policy makers and practitioners; public and private bodies concerned with human capital development and innovation in cities and regions; and leaders and managers of universities and vocational tertiary education institutions.

      • 10-11 February 2011    
        OECD Conference: Higher Education in Regions and Cities - For Stronger, Cleaner and Fairer Regions University of Seville, Seville, Spain  
        Drawing on the OECD reviews and other studies conducted by the OECD, this conference looked at innovative ways in how HEIs can best contribute to making their cities and regions stronger, cleaner and fairer. It highlighted key issues in human capital development and innovation and identify ways of transforming universities. This conference brought together policy makers and practitioners; public and private bodies concerned with regional development; leaders and managers of HEIs; and those responsible for knowledge transfer, regional development and community liaison at HEIs. This international conference was organised with the Regional Government of Andalusia and hosted by the University of Seville.  The presentations are available online.



      • 18-20 October 2010
        OECD LEED Trento Centre/IMHE seminar: Universities, skills and entrepreneurship 
        This seminar included a mix of case study presentations by invited experts, OECD analysts and participants and creative group activities. Guided by an OECD criteria list of good practice in local entrepreneurship support, participants worked on individual action plans that helped their organisations to contribute to and benefit from partnership working in entrepreneurship support. An OPENSPACE session offered participants opportunities to engage in depth-interviews with people who design and implement good practices.
      • 15-16 September 2010
        OECD Roundtable on Higher Education in Regional and City Development, OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France
        This event attracted 90 participants from 23 countries, including representatives from HEIs, regional governments, OECD country delegations, OECD and international organisations such as the EU, UNESCO IIEP, World Bank and Lumina Foundation. The meeting provided opportunities for shared learning between the cities and regions taking part in the OECD reviews of higher education in regional development to discuss the key issues arising from the reviews, such as widening access and talent attraction, regional innovation, Green Growth and urban regeneration. The presentations are available online
      • 13-15 September 2010
        IMHE General Conference: Higher Education in a World Changed Utterly: Doing More with Less, OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France. The presentations are available here













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