Getting It Right

Strategic Agenda for Reforms in Mexico

Getting it Right is one of the most complete toolkits that the OECD has designed to help a country at the start of a new government administration. In this publication, the focus of the Organisation’s multidisciplinary knowledge is on Mexico; the discussion is enriched with international experience, and comparison based on best practices. In addition, the report identifies the Mexican economy’s strengths and weaknesses so as to support the design, promotion and implementation of key public policies for better economic performance.

Published on June 27, 2013Also available in: Spanish


Boosting Growth Potential
Combating Poverty and Inequality
Fiscal Policy to Support Inclusiveness
Strengthening Governance at All Levels
Improving Access to Formal Employment
The Challenges for the Education System
Health Policy
Integrating Mexico into the World Economy through Trade and FDI
Improving the Efficiency of the Telecommunication Sector
SMEs and Entrepreneurship in Mexico
Green Growth
Energy Policy
The Agriculture Sector and Rural Development
Making Water Reform Happen
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