Education at a Glance Indicators Raw Data



Indicator A1: To what level have adults studied
Indicator A2: How many students are expected to finish secondary education?
Indicator A3: How many students are expected to finish tertiary education?
Indicator A4: What is the difference between the career aspirations of boys and girls and the fields of study they study as young adults?
Indicator A5: How does the concentration of immigrant students, foreign-language speakers, and socio-economic disadvantage affect student performance?
Indicator A6: To what extent does parents’ education influence access to higher education?
Indicator A7: How does educational attainment affect participation in the labour market?
Indicator A8: What are the earnings premiums from education?
Indicator A9: What are the incentives to invest in education?
Indicator A10: How does education influence macroeconomic outcomes?
Indicator A11: What are the social outcomes of education?

Indicator B1: How much is spent per student?
Indicator B2: What proportion of national wealth is spent on education?
Indicator B3: How much public and private investment is there in education?
Indicator B4: What is the total public spending on education?
Indicator B5: How much do tertiary students pay and what public support do they receive?
Indicator B6: On what resources and services is education funding spent?
Indicator B7: Which factors influence the level of expenditure on education?

Indicator C1: Who participates in education?
Indicator C2: How do early childhood education systems differ around the world?
Indicator C3: How many students are expected to enter tertiary education?
Indicator C4: Who studies abroad and where?
Indicator C5: Transition from school to work: Where are the 15-29 Year-Olds?
Indicator C6: How many adults participate in adult learning?
Indicator D1: How much time do students spend in the classroom?
Indicator D2: What is the student-teacher ratio and how big are classes?
Indicator D3: How much are teachers paid?
Indicator D4: How much time do teachers spend teaching?
Indicator D5: Who are the teachers?
Indicator D6: Who makes key decisions in education systems?
Indicator D7: What are the pathways and gateways to gain access to secondary and tertiary education?

Annex 1: Caracteristics of Educational Systems

Annex 2 (Chapter B): Reference Statistics

Annex 2: (Chapter D) Reference statistics



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