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Teacher Knowledge Survey (TKS) assessment module



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Recruitment of countries under the TALIS 2024 cycle is now complete. For more information, please contact [email protected].


Researchers and policy makers agree that recruiting, training and retaining quality teachers is key to improving student outcomes. Many OECD countries, however, face the challenge of an ageing teaching workforce, high rates of attrition among new teachers and a shortage of quality teachers in disadvantaged contexts. In some countries, there is also concern about the quality of teacher education and the attractiveness of the teaching profession. Recruiting high-achieving and motivated candidates into teacher education programmes is a mounting concern.

The Teacher Knowledge Survey assessment module (option for TALIS 2024):

  • assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the pedagogical knowledge base and links this to opportunities to learn in initial teacher education and professional development.
  • reveals whether teachers are sufficiently prepared for 21st century teaching, for example teaching diverse classrooms or using modern pedagogical approaches.
  • empowers the teaching profession to take charge of its knowledge base.
  • supports policies for attracting and retaining a high-quality teaching workforce.

As an optional assessment module in TALIS 2024, the Teacher Knowledge Survey investigates how to improve the quality of teachers and teaching for better student learning by focusing on the following questions:

  • How can we improve the selection and retention of teachers?
  • How can we improve teacher learning for more effective teaching?
  • How can we improve pedagogy for more effective learning?


Participants in the Teacher Knowledge Survey complete:

  • an assessment of general pedagogical knowledge on key dimensions such as instructional processes, learning processes and assessment.
  • questionnaire on the  content and quality of opportunities to learn in initial teacher education and professional development.

The Teacher Knowledge Survey generates pedagogical “knowledge profiles” that paint a picture of the relative strengths of the knowledge base of the teaching profession in each country/system. For example, the knowledge profile below to the right exhibits a relative strength in assessment.

The Teacher Knowledge Survey builds on a pilot study conducted in 2016, as part of the ITEL project managed by the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation.





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