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Published works as part OECD’s Implementing Policies: Supporting Effective Change in Education programme undertaken by the Policy Advice and Implementation division:

  • OECD (2019), Improving School Quality in Norway: The New Competence Development Model, Implementing Education Policies, OECD Publishing Paris,

We have applied insights from our research and analysis in Strategic Education Governance to examine how different stakeholders in Norway are rising to the challenge of implementing a new approach to agree on funding allocation for school-based professional development. The County Governor (State representative) in each Norwegian county has established a “collaboration forum” bringing together municipal representatives and local universities to collaboratively decide on how funding could best meet identified local priorities. We provide an overview of the expected new roles and the opportunities and challenges these pose for different stakeholder groups,  with an aim to better integrating their knowledge and perspectives and building shared responsibility, ownership and trust. To ensure that the new approach effectively connects to the classroom,  our analysis highlights elements of effective stakeholder engagement and how to strengthen these: clear and active communication and transparency; careful selection; capacity building; and facilitative leadership. We also highlight the different mechanisms that can help foster a long-term strategic planning of school-based professional development and argue that the new “collaboration forum” established in each Norwegian county should promote a whole-of-system approach to better coordinate and align key stakeholders, with continued and strengthened attention to feedback mechanisms within each county forum and among County Governors. This report is part of an ongoing collaboration with the Policy Advice and Implementation division within the Directorate for Education and Skills.


Published works across SEG's work strands

  • Köster, F., C. Shewbridge and C. Krämer (2020), Promoting Education Decision Makers' Use of Evidence in Austria, Educational Research and Innovation, OECD Publishing, Paris,
  • Fahey, G. and F. Köster (2019), "Means, ends and meaning in accountability for strategic education governance", OECD Education Working Papers, No. 204, OECD Publishing, Paris,
  • OECD (2019), Improving School Quality in Norway : The New Competence Development Model, Implementing Education Policies, OECD Publishing Paris,
  • Bruneforth, M., C. Shewbridge and R. Rouw (2019), "Moving towards more school autonomy in Austria: Refocusing the role of school supervision", OECD Education Working Papers, No. 200, OECD Publishing, Paris,
  • Shewbridge C., M. Fuster and R. Rouw (2019), "Constructive accountability, transparency and trust between government and highly autonomous schools in Flanders", OECD Education Working Papers, No. 199, OECD Publishing, Paris,  
  • Frankowski, A. et al. (2018), “Dilemmas of central governance and distributed autonomy in education”, OECD Education Working Papers, No. 189, OECD Publishing, Paris,


Other material

  • The SEG project plan (pdf) presents in detail the project's rationale, analytical approach, work strands, and the project’s calendar of activities in 2019-2020
  • Project brochure Strategic Education Governance (pdf)
  • The SEG Primer introduces the conceptual foundations underpinning the OECD Strategic Education Governance project (SEG) (pdf)

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Köster, F., C. Shewbridge, C. Krämer (2020), Promoting Education Decision Makers' Use of Evidence in Austria, Educational Research and Innovation, OECD Publishing, Paris,


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