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Strategic Education Governance - Policy Toolkit


The Strategic Education Governance policy toolkit helps education policy-makers focus attention on the most relevant elements regarding how policy and reform processes are most effectively realised in complex contexts. The challenge in developing discrete elements to this end is to integrate the analytical strength of the complexity paradigm, underlying all SEG’s work, with the need for clear, communicable and actionable items.

The policy toolkit and its modules are work in progress. Knowledge Governance as the first module of the toolkit is available to countries, and work on the Accountability module is under way.


The Cornerstones of the SEG Policy Toolkit

The SEG policy toolkit builds on a modular architecture. Central to modules are aspirational questionnaires informed by empirical research, refined and prioritised by the OECD together with countries.

The toolkit is intended to eventually comprise six modules, following the domains and concepts of the SEG Organisational Framework. Each module is stand-alone, with systems flexibly participating in individual or multiple modules when available.

Questionnaires and their items are developed together with countries and designed to facilitate stakeholder engagement. They encourage reflection on processes and expand knowledge by inviting information about local practices and approaches.

Using the policy toolkit in specific contexts is flanked by a diagnostic approach and tailored support for in-country learning offered by the Strategic Education Governance project team.

The design in detail

Consult the SEG Policy Toolkit design document to learn more about the toolkit's design and approaches (pdf).


Further Information

  • SEG Organisational Framework
  • Advisory Group Meeting (Paris, France, 24-25 September 2019): Towards meaningful Accountability - The second module of the SEG Policy Toolkit. More>>


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