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Strategic Education Governance - Organisational Framework


The Organisational Framework structures the SEG work into six interdependent domains. The Organisational Framework brings together the analytical lens of the complexity paradigm – systems are interconnected, exhibiting properties not possible to anticipate from their constituent parts – with practical considerations to maximise the ability to guide improvement efforts.

The Organisational Framework builds fundamentally on conceptual and empirical work carried out between 2011 and 2016 in the OECD Governing Complex Education Systems project (GCES). The Framework is being progressively refined based on ongoing SEG work.

The Strategic Education Governance project plan (pdf) describes the organisational framework in detail and represents SEG's approach and outlook. The sections below link to more information, suggest further reading, and outline our current work relating to the respective domain in each SEG work strand.


The domain pertains to organising who renders an account to whom and for what an account is rendered, shaping incentives and discentives for behaviour. More >>


The domain pertains to ensuring decision-makers, organisations and systems have the adequate resources and competencies to fulfil their roles and tasks. More >>

Knowledge governance

Knowledge governance pertains to stimulating the production of relevant knowledge and promoting its use in decision-making. More >>

Stakeholder involvement

The domain pertains to helping involve stakeholders throughout the policy process in policymaking and practice of governance, in turn building support and increasing relevance and suitability of policy for stakeholders. More >>

Strategic thinking

Strategic thinking pertains to balancing short-term priorities with long-term perspectives in a context in which effective policy strategies emerge and evolve based on new information and system dynamics. More >>

Whole-of-system perspective

The domain pertains to adopting perspectives reaching beyond individual realms of responsibility to coordinate across decision-makers, governance levels and policies. More >>


Each of SEG’s three work strands – the SEG policy toolkit, the SEG Learning Seminar series and Research on innovative governance approaches – builds on the domains and concepts laid out in the organisational framework.













Domains of strategic education governance and key areas in each domain


Further information

  • SEG Project Plan (pdf)




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