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Strategic Education Governance - Learning Seminars


The Strategic Education Governance (SEG) Learning Seminars are small-scale gatherings of countries specifically designed as an engaging learning environment. The seminars are part of and build upon the OECD work on complexity in education governance. SEG Learning Seminars apply OECD's insights on strategic education governance to specific policy challenges. Countries/systems draw lessons for governance practice by contrasting and comparing their governance approaches and the challenges they face.

Learning Seminars bring together three to four countries/systems where participants learn about effective or innovative governance policy practice in other countries and context-specific obstacles and enablers, and identify governance options and possible trajectories (next practice) for future action. These seminars generate new knowledge of the actual “how to” of policy implementation and make tacit knowledge explicit, by investigating design and implications of implementation strategies.

They are designed to create an engaging learning environment inspired by both case methodology and policy design. The seminars are deliberately interactive, with participants actively engaging in discussion and explicit reflection. They comprise a small group of actors, involving key stakeholders from the host system.

To date, the seminars engaged policy makers and key stakeholders from Austria, Denmark, Estonia, Flanders, Ireland, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


The cornerstones of the SEG Learning Seminars

Real-life policy experiences

  • Engaging learning environment inspired both case methodology and policy design approaches
  • Revisiting real-life policy experiences with the help of stakeholders involved
  • Seminars capitalise on the complexity perspective on governance and other SEG work
  • Duration of 1.5 - 2 days

Interactive peer-learning

  • Highly interactive approaches, with participants actively engaging in discussions and reflection
  • Each seminar has an explicit phase translating peer country experiences to host-country context
  • Participants comprise ministry/ agency and stakeholders

Generating Knowledge

  • Learning Seminars generate new knowledge of the “how-to” of policy implementation and make tacit knowledge explicit
  • The OECD prepares a short report on the main findings and observations

Close collaboration with countries/ systems

  • The theme of each Seminar is decided collaboratively by the host country and the OECD
  • Host-country and OECD decide together on peer systems with which to learn in the Seminar
  • The OECD prepares a background paper as a basis for each seminar in close collaboration with the host country


The design in detail

Consult the SEG Learning Seminars design document to learn more about seminar design and approaches (pdf).


SEG Learning Seminars to date

Denmark (Copenhagen, 15-16 January 2019): “Performance measurement and the use of data for improvement in Danish education”. More >>

Austria (Vienna, 17-18 April 2018): “Moving towards more school autonomy in Austria: refocusing the role of school supervision”. More >>

Flanders (Brussels, 14-15 March 2018): “Constructive accountability, transparency and trust between government and highly autonomous schools”. More >>

The Netherlands (The Hague, 29-30 January 2018): “System-wide priorities in a decentralised landscape: looking for smart governance”. More >>




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