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Launch of the Report "Skills for Social Progress: The Power of Social and Emotional Skills"


10 March 2015, OECD Conference Centre, Paris


The report “Skills for Social Progress: The Power of Social and Emotional Skills” is a synthesis of 3 years of analytical work conducted under the OECD's Education and Social Progress (ESP) project. The report:

  • presents the evidence on the impact of social and emotional skills on education, labour market and social outcomes;
  • describes educational practices that help promote these skills;
  • provides an overview of national policies and programmes that pertain to enhancing social and emotional skills, and identifies gaps between the evidence, policies and practices.

At the half-day seminar education policy-makers, practitioners and researchers from OECD and key partner countries discussed “what works” in promoting social and emotional skills for children’s well-being and social progress.

The seminar ended by launching the feasibility study of the OECD’s Longitudinal Study of Skills Development in Cities which is scheduled to follow the trajectory of social and emotional skill of school-aged children in major cities around the world from 2020 onwards.

Read the report online in English / Spanish / French

>> Key Message (English)
>> Key Message (French)
>> Executive Summary (English)
>> Executive Summary (Spanish)
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Ms. Angela Lee Duckworth
Associate Professor
University of Pennsylvania


OECD Project on Education and Social Progress




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