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ILE Event - Santiago, January 2013


International Conference on Innovative Learning Environments

Santiago- Chile, 7-9 January 2013

Our 2nd International ILE Conference was held in Santiago, Chile, on 7-9 January 2013 and was co-organised by and with the generous support of the Ministry of Education of Chile. 

The focus of the conference was to move the ILE work forward after having started with the review of learning research (strand 1 of the project), work towards finalising our next project publication on innovative cases (strand 2), move towards policy implementation and bringing innovation and good practice to scale, our third strand of the project. In specific the conference aimed to:

  • Discuss the elaborated ILE framework presented and illustrated in the Innovative Learning Environments, and to interrogate its applicability in different systems.

  • Discuss the agenda for change presented in the new report, and how that can be followed through in the continuing ILE work on “Implementation and Change”.

  • Clarify materials and dissemination options that might usefully be developed from ILE analysis and cases, to be used in different contexts, system-wide or more locally, to help innovate learning.

  • To discuss Latin American experiences, to see how ILE might inform innovation in those contexts, and explore implications of those experiences for systems in other parts of the world.

In total, 115 participants from over 20 countries contributed to the conference enriching discussions from many perspectives. Attendants had different profiles coming from foundations, educational research, international organisations, learning environments, ministries of education and other institutions. Most of the discussions took place in workshops, where participants engaged actively and had an opportunity to exchange ideas and analyse different relevant topics.


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