Centre for Educational Research and Innovation - CERI

Public Conference “Innovation in education : What has changed in the classroom in the past decade?”


28 January 2019 (10am - 5:15pm)

Auditorium at OECD Headquarters, France

2 rue André Pascal 75016 Paris


The OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) invited to a public conference on 28 January 2019 at the OECD Conference Centre in Paris for the launch of its new report Measuring Innovation in Education: What Has Changed in the Classroom? 


Event's documents:


The distinguished speakers include:


  • Mercedes Miguel, Secretary for Educational Innovation and Quality, Argentina
  • Jack Buckley, Senior vice president at American Institues for Research and former Commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics (United
  • Barbara Schneider, Professor at Michigan State University (United States), co-author of Scale Up in Education
  • Robbie Coleman, Head of Policy at the Education Endowment Foundation (England)
  • Anthony Arundel, Professor of Innovation at the University of Tasmania in Hobart (Australia) and Professorial Fellow at UNU Maastricht (the Netherlands)
  • Gabor Halasz, CERI governing board member, Professor of Education at Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary)
  • Diana Koroleva, National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) Moscow (Russian Federation)


The conference presented the findings of the new edition of Measuring Innovation in Education, which examines what has (or has not) changed for students over the past decade in OECD and some non-OECD education systems. The book reviews about 150 educational practices and casts light on systemic innovation in primary and secondary education, with a focus on pedagogical innovation. Has the use of technology spread? Have assessments become more important in pedagogical practices? Are students given more agency in their learning? Are they still asked to memorise facts and procedures? Do teachers increasingly engage students in peer learning activities? These are some of the questions this book seeks to answer. This report also presents some preliminary findings about the links between innovation and educational performance.


Beyond presenting and discussing these new findings, the public conference discussed how measuring innovation in education could help better understand its different forms, drivers and impediments, how and when it contributes to educational improvement, and what different measurement approaches and objectives could be followed. Some country initiatives to measure and understand innovation in education in different countries will be presented. This public discussion will feed the next phase of the CERI project on measuring innovation in educatoin that will consist of developing a new survey instrument to measure innovation in education at all levels of the education system. The project is supported by the European Union.



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