Centre for Educational Research and Innovation - CERI

OECD 2nd Workshop - Measuring Innovation in Education


11 June 2010

Location: OECD

2, rue André Pascal, 75116 Paris Cedex 16, France





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Reliable measurement data is essential for developing sound policies to support innovation to enhance learning outcomes, equity or cost-efficiency in education. The OECD/CERI Innovation Strategy for Education and Training project aims to develop a questionnaire for a survey on innovation in education and conduct related pilot studies in co-operation with interested countries. The survey instrument aims to be flexible enough to be used by interested countries, regions and cities on a voluntary basis.


To this end, the 2nd OECD/CERI Workshop on Measuring Innovation in Education, held in Paris on 11 June 2010, assembled a small group of OECD country representatives and experts to develop a strategy and a statistical instrument for measuring innovation in education. An international survey on innovation in education would:

  • Focus on change in specific practices implemented at the school and classroom levels;
  • Include contextual factors to detect drivers and barriers for innovation in education;
  • Link changes to subjective and, when possible, objective perception of their impact;
  • Cover innovation not only in teaching, but also in administration and external relations;
  • Be complementary to other ongoing measurement  initiatives.