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Learning Lab Denmark


Established as a research institute by the Danish Government in 2001 and integrated into the Danish University of Education in 2006, the Learning Lab Denmark is a laboratory for research into learning and competence development in the knowledge society. They engage in close collaboration with partners from many sectors and communication is a key element in everything they do.

It is vital for them to create useful research-based knowledge by building on established practice-based knowledge. They develop new learning media and learning materials, including learning games and application of ICT.

The staff is comprised of professors, associate professors, assistant professors, research assistants, project managers and Ph.D.students. Among their staff they find people with a background in education, sociology, mathematics, chemistry and neuropsychology.

In regards to partners, they find it very important to collaborate with both public and private organisations with an interest in learning and teaching materials and learning processes. They have a large national and international network of practitioners in both private and public organisations.

OECD recently conducted in-depth interviews with key staff members of the Learning Lab Denmark. For a closer look at their methods, beliefs and practices, go to: 


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