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Leadership for 21st Century Learning


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ISBN: 9789264185760
Publication: 04/12/2013


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Leadership for 21st Century Learning


This is the latest of the influential series of OECD reports on Innovative Learning Environments. "Learning leadership" is fundamental because it is about setting direction, taking responsibility for putting learning at the centre and keeping it there. This becomes increasingly complex in 21st century settings, calling for innovation and going beyond the heroics of individual leaders. Many need to be involved, bringing in diverse partners at different levels.

This is all explored in this volume. It clarifies the concepts and the dimensions of learning leadership, relating it to extensive international research and identifying promising strategies to promote it. Specific examples are drawn from Austria, Australia, Canada, Israel, Norway, Singapore, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States. There is an extensive overview that addresses the "why, what, how, who, where, and when" of learning leadership. Among the international experts contributing to this volume are James Spillane, John MacBeath, Louise Stoll, and Clive Dimmock.

This report will prove to be a valuable resource for all those interested in schooling. It will be of particular interest to teachers and teacher educators, advisors and researchers, the voluntary sector and teacher associations, and, first and foremost, education leaders themselves.



Executive Summary


Leadership is critical because it is strongly determinant of direction and outcomes, whether at the micro level of schools or of broader systems. As learning is the core business of education, it provides the paramount form and purpose of leadership focused on creating and sustaining environments that are conducive to good learning. Innovation is an integral part of the exercise of learning leadership in setting new directions.

Learning leadership is thus about setting direction and taking responsibility for making learning happen. It is exercised through distributed, connected activity and relationships. It extends beyond formal players to include different partners, and may be exercised at different levels of the overall learning system. It includes “learning management” in the commitment to transform, persevere and make change happen.

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Table of contents


  • Foreword
  • Executive Summary
  • Chapter 1: Learning Leadership for innovative learning environements: The overview
  • Chapter 2: The practice of leading and managing teaching in educational organisations
  • Chapter 3: Leading learning in a world of change
  • Chapter 4: Leadership for 21st century learning in Singapore's high-performing schools
  • Chapter 5: Approaches to learning leadership development in different school systems
  • Chapter 6: Promoting learning leadership in Catalonia and beyond

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