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Kiira Kärkkäinen



Kiira Kärkkäinen works currently on analysis, research and coordination of two CERI projects: the Innovation Strategy for Education and Training  and the Future of Higher Education.


The Innovation Strategy for Education and Training examines links between innovation and education: What kind of skills and education are needed in innovative societies? How can innovation be fostered and measured in the education sector for improved learning outcomes, equity or cost-efficiency? The project has produced several reports and organised meetings on various topics. It also formed a part of the OECD Innovation Strategy (2010) that put a major focus on the role of human capital in innovation.

The Future of Higher Education explores what may be possible, different roles for higher education in future societies. The project has resulted to Higher Education to 2030 book series, including recent volumes on Demography (2008) as well as on Globalisation (2009), co-edited by Kiira.

Kiira has also been involved in the OECD educationtoday Initiative, including in particular the two surveys on the impact of the economic crisis on education (2009and 2010).

Previously Kiira worked on forward-looking education policy issues as a consultant and at CERI. She conducted research and analysis for UNESCO on corporate-public sector partnerships in education. Kiira has also worked on international development policy, co-operation and diplomacy at the European Commission, UNESCO, the Mission of Finland to the UN and in Romania.

Kiira holds a Masters in International Affairs from Sciences Po Paris, France, and a Bachelors of Social Sciences in Political Science and International Politics from the University of Helsinki, Finland.

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