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ILE Event - Banff, October 2011



International Conference on Innovative Learning Environments

Banff, Alberta - Canada 10-12 October 2011



This international conference on Innovative Learning Environments (ILE) has been  co-organised by OECD’s Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) and Alberta Education, the Ministry of Education in the Canadian province of Alberta. The local hosts were the Canadian Rockies Public Schools, the Alberta school district in which the town of Banff is located.


The OECD/Alberta conference was the most ambitious event to date in the OECD work on Innovative Learning Environments. It was based on the earlier work on learning research and addressed in detail the on-going “innovative cases” analysis and the new work focused on the key issues of “implementation and change”. It is also the most ambitious in terms of the numbers of invited participants who, in addition to the core group of those in each system most closely engaged in the ILE project (the “system coordinators”), will include key players in different leadership positions and stakeholder groups.


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