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Innovative Learning Environments

The Innovative Learning Environments (ILE) project has analysed how young people learn. It has studied which conditions and dynamics allow them to be able to learn better. By identifying concrete cases of innovative learning environments from all over the world, ILE has informed practice, leadership and reform through generating analysis of innovative and inspiring configurations of learning for children and young people.

Latest publication(s): Schooling Redesigned (2015)

    ILE Handbook (2017)


Innovative Teaching for Effective Learning

The Teacher Knowledge Survey investigates how to improve student learning outcomes by exploring teachers’ knowledge of effective teaching and learning, with an aim of helping OECD countries to improve teacher quality.

Latest publication: Pedagogical Knowledge and the Changing Nature of the Teaching Profession (2017)


Innovation Strategy for Education and Training

The CERI Innovation Strategy for Education and Training explores new approaches to equip people with the skills required for innovation and to support‌ radical innovation and continuous improvement in education systems.‌‌



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