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The CERI Innovation Strategy for Education and Training team explores new approaches to equip people with the skills required for innovation and to support radical innovation and continuous improvement in education systems.



Innovation is a driver of growth and wellbeing. Creating an innovation-friendly ecosystem in education is key to the continuous improvement of education. It includes nurturing people’s innovation skills and ensuring that the main drivers of innovation remain active: namely, individual, organisational and system learning.

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Ongoing Projects

  1. Smart data and digital technology in education: Learning Analytics, AI and Beyond 

  2. Fostering and assessing creativity and critical thinking in education 
  3. Measuring Innovation in Education


TopClass Podcast -  "How did schools keep students engaged during the pandemic? Stories from the US and Japan" (episode 27)

New paper out - Digital strategies in education across OECD countries 

  • Comics - illustrating creativity, critical thinking and its teaching


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 Comic Grant Snider - Creativity ENG  Comic Grant Snider - Critical Thinking ENG  Comic Grant Snider - Teaching Creativity and Critical Thinking ENG


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