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Implementation and Change:


Operational activities with participating systems

A System Note is a short report on strategies and initiatives designed to spread and sustain innovative change across networks or parts or all of the education system by innovating learning environments. The System Note covers a variety of different approaches, often in combination: direct promotion, provision of incentives, network creation, knowledge management, leadership strategies and other professional development capacity building, creating new forms of expertise and change management, and more general drives to create climates favourable for change on the ground.

Monitoring Note
(NM): builds on the System Note by focusing on a specific initiative, providing more contextual information, reporting on progress and elaborating on the theory of change underpinning the strategy put in place. Systems participating in the monitoring exercice submitted "Monitoring Note 1" reporting on their initiative in 2013 and will submit "Monitoring Note 2" in mid-2014 to report on progress and evaluate their strategies and outcomes.

Australia (South)

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 Australia (Victoria)  Finland  Lego Education


South Africa (KwaZulu Natal)
 Austria  France  Mexico (Conafe)  Spain
 Belgium (Wallonie Bruxelles) Germany (Baden-Württemberg) Mexico (Únete)   Sweden
 Canada (Alberta)  Germany (Thuringia)  New Zealand
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 Peru (Innova School)

Unicef (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)



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