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Hideaki Koizumi


Prof. Hideaki Koizumi is Senior Chief Scientist at the Advanced Research Laboratory & Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.; Professor (adj.), Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo; and Director, Research Field "Brain Science and Education", MEXT and Japan Science and Technology Co. He has been awarded the Oukouchi Memorial Prize twice, The Science & Technology Minister’s Prize twice and the R&D 100 Prize (USA).  He has recently developed a new brain scanning technique called " dynamic optical tomography ", which uses light transmitted through the skull and reflected by the cortex to observe the active areas on the cortex. This provides a completely non-invasive method for measuring and analyzing the higher-order brain functions, and it is the only brain imaging technique available that can be used with infants without sedation.  His main objectives are to try to rediscover the true mission and attitude of science and scientists, and reconsider science education in Japan.

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