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Governing Complex Education Systems (GCES)


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The OECD CERI's Governing Complex Education Systems (GCES) project focused on which models of governance are effective in complex education systems and which knowledge systems are needed to support them. The project ran from 2011-16. For new work on governance, see the Strategic Education Governance (SEG) project.



Learn about the aims and origins of the GCES project.


Project Overview

This GCES project overview presents its rationale, project goals, key themes, and key ouputs. 



Final publications

Education Governance in Action: Lessons from Case Studies (September, 2016)

Governing Education in a Complex World (April, 2016)


Working papers

OECD Education Working Papers on Governing Complex Education Systems


Selected blog posts

What makes education governance and reform work beyond the drawing table

How does big data impact education? 

Governing Complex Education Systems

Governing Education in a Complex World

Gobernar la educación en un mundo complejo

Case studies

Case Study Framework

United in Diversity: A Complexity Perspective on the Role of Attainment Targets in Quality Assurance in Flanders (September, 2016)

Reforming Education Governance through Local Capacity-Building: A Case Study of the "Learning Locally" Programme in Germany (February, 2015)

Implementation of a New School Supervision System in Poland (December, 2014)

Shifting Responsibilities: 20 years of Education Devolution in Sweden (July, 2014)

Coping with Very Weak Primary Schools: Towards Smart Interventions in Dutch Education Policy (December, 2013)

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Thematic conferences: 2011-16 


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Ms. Tracey Burns
Mr. Marc Fuster
Mr. Florian Koester
Mr. Rien Rouw
Ms. Leonora Lynch-Stein





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