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Fifth thematic conference - Education Governance: The Role of Data, 12-13 February 2015, Nordic Hotel Forum, Tallinn, Estonia.



The OECD Governing Complex Education Systems project ( looks at emerging issues in education and educational governance. One of these issues is the increased prevalence of available data on the education system, including student achievement data, school and teacher evaluation data, and descriptive indicators on system functioning. It is important to recognise that availability of such data does not automatically guarantee its use: the abundance of data can only be meaningful if there is sufficient capacity to gather and interpret it. There are also open questions about which data should be collected, by whom, and for what purpose. Research on this element of governing complex education systems has made clear that effective governance needs to build on rich and nuanced data that are also easily understandable by all stakeholders, not just specialists. The key is knowing what to use, when, and how.




  • To convene international delegates who will explore in depth and challenge the use of data in education governance;


  • To host a productive conversation between academia, government and professionals to help come up with collaborative solutions to challenges.


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Jevgeni Ossinovski

Andreas Schleicher

Jaak Aaviksoo


Keynote: Education, governance, data

Marc Tucker


Keynote: Education data, policy and practice

Kim Schildkamp


OECD and Governing Complex Education Systems

Tracey Burns


Keynote: Data collection systems - the Estonian example

Aune Valk

Birgit Lao-Peetersoo


Summary Report of the Conference


Summary Report 


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