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ILE Event - Barcelona, December 2013


International Conference on Learning Leadership

Barcelona - Spain, 4-5 December 2013



The OECD Innovative Learning Environments project and the Jaume Bofill Foundation have worked together throughout 2012 and 2013 on the key subject of 'learning leadership'. They have brought together experts, innovators and leaders to produce a new international report, called Leadership for 21st Century Learning. This conference was the launch of that report and brought together international, national and local stakeholders.

The aims of the conference were to:

  • Discuss and disseminate the main directions and findings of the new international report on Learning Leadership.

  • Elaborate the challenges of developing learning leadership through different perspectives – different countries and cultures, different positions in education systems, different organisations.

  • Clarify dimensions of learning leadership for designing, implementing and sustaining innovative learning environments that have been relatively unexplored in national and international discussions.

  • Identify priorities for future research and development.

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