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Formative Assessment: Improving Learning in Secondary Classrooms

  • The culmination of this study was a major international conference organised by CERI in Paris, on 2-4 February 2005.  The conference highlighted  international research and case study evidence from the CERI study.
  • A regional conference on formative assessment in Budapest, was held on 29 – 30 September 2005.  The Hungarian partners included OKI (the Hungarian National Institute for Public Education) and Sulinova (Agency for Educational Development and In Service Teacher Training) and the Hungarian Ministry of Education. The conference drew upon the recent OECD study and February 2005 international conference on formative assessment and extended this work in important ways. There will be a stronger focus on the development of programmes, materials and tools, as well as leadership strategies to encourage more systematic practice of formative assessment within classrooms and across schools. View the programme.



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