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Innovative Learning Environments


Previous Exploratory Phase


The “Innovative Learning Environments” Project has grown out of the major CERI work on Schooling for Tomorrow (SfT). The SfT schooling scenarios have proved to be an effective vehicle for raising awareness about alternative ways in which learning systems for young people might be organised in the future. But they are much more targeted at systems than the ‘black box’ of learning, learners and teaching such that demand has grown within SfT to focus more directly on learning.


With the support of the Ministry of Education of Mexico (SEP), CERI launched an intensive exploratory study in Mexico culminating in the OECD/Mexico International Conference on Emerging Models of Learning in Merida in June 2006. That study combined the close study of learning innovation in concrete environments with broader reflection from a range of disciplines and countries, creating synergies between them. Based on the knowledge of this exploratory phase, the work on “Innovative Learning Environments’ could take of as a project in its own right.

The publication Innovating to Learn, Learning to Innovate with the main outcomes of this phase had been launched in November 2008.



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