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Update No. 9  –  November 2008


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Schooling for Tomorrow:
Lessons learned over a decade, future trends
CERI, together with the Finnish National Board for Education, organised the Final International Schooling for Tomorrow Conference in Helsinki, Finland, from 29 September to 1 October 2008.

The conference concluded “Schooling for Tomorrow” – one of the most prominent and influential CERI projects of the past decade. It engaged all participants to take stock of the lessons learned and to look ahead through the major trends impacting on the future. It was also an opportunity to learn about the Finnish experience with futures thinking in education complemented by visits to 21st century learning environments in and around Helsinki.

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Consult the agenda of the conference

See presentation on Trends and Futures

Innovative Learning Environments
CERI has launched a new project, more focused on learning than schooling, more rooted in the learning sciences: “Innovative Learning Environments".

The project is exploring how people learn and under which conditions and dynamics they can learn better. One of its goals is to provide examples of inspiring practice and to raise discussion of the potential to enrich mainstream education in systems around the world.

We are therefore looking for potential case studies. OECD countries, states/regions, NGOs, foundations, research centres:your inputs are most welcome!

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Download the agenda of the latest meeting on Innovative Learning Environments

Calling all teachers, student teachers and teacher trainers

We are looking for your views and experiences with diversity in your classrooms! As part of a CERI project on Teacher Education for Diversity, we are asking for your help by taking our online survey.

The survey provides a voice to teachers, student teachers, and teacher educators in 30 countries and is an opportunity to influence education policy and programmes. It asks about your preparation for diversity in the classroom, your biggest challenges, and what you think are the most effective strategies.

Please take the survey starting from 17 November. This link will be open from 17 November until 5 December 2008 only! Please also circulate to your colleagues – we are interested in hearing from all student teachers, teachers, and teacher trainers. Thank you!

Staff news
A new Head for CERI
Dirk van Damme joined CERI on 1st September 2008. Before taking his new duties, Dirk van Damme was director of the cabinet of Mr Frank Vandenbroucke, Flemish Minister of Education (2004-2008).
Published recently

Trends Shaping Education


Education is influenced by the world we live in. This new study looks at specific impacts on schooling of things happening elsewhere in our lives, from climate change and the growth of the Internet to changing lifestyles and family structures.

Does the diversification of family forms mean a changing balance of responsibilities between the school and the home? And what is the impact on schooling of other phenomena, from the rise of obesity to the spread of mobile phones?

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Innovating to Learn, Learning to Innovate

This book summarises and discusses key findings from the learning sciences, shedding light on the cognitive and social processes that can be used to redesign classrooms to make them highly effective learning environments. It explores concrete examples in OECD countries, from alternative schools to specific cases in Mexico, in which the actors are seeking to break the mould and realise the principles emerging from learning science research.

This book will be of particular interest to policy makers, researchers, teachers, students and families.


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Download the executive summary 


December 2008


Conference "Higher Education to 2030: What Futures for Quality Access in the Era of Globalisation?" 

Paris, France

October  2008


CERI expert meeting on ICT and Initial Teacher Training

Paris, France

Sept-Oct 2008

29 Sept.- 1 Oct.

Schooling for Tomorrow: Final International Conference
Helsinki, Finland 


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