CERI Update
Issue 2/June 06
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CERI Update
aims to keep you informed about our activities, publications, events and analyses. In addition to the specific links in this text, you can also use our website, www.oecd.org/edu/ceri, to get more information. Our first Update has been very well received, and we already have over 700 people on the list to receive regular Updates. We are always looking for new links to make, so please let us know if you have suggestions for associations or bodies we might connect to.

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With the creation of CERI-Forums, we aim to reach out to more people who can contribute and share their views on cutting-edge educational issues such as the impact of scientific advances in brain research, e-learning, university futures, new technologies, language learning and cultural diversity.

Get involved now and read articles on the latest research, visit debating rooms and join in on the CERI topic of the month. We invite you to become an important part of our community of experts, practitioners and educational specialists as we face together the challenges in educational research and innovation.

Key seminars

An expert seminar on "Globalisation, Market forces and the Future of higher education" was held in Lisbon, on 4-5 May 2006. Twenty experts and stakeholders from 12 countries met to discuss the possible impacts of globalisation/internationalisation and of the rise of markets and quasi-markets in higher education as well as the key drivers of change in these areas... View summary report

In the context of the CERI project on "Social Outcomes of Learning", experts and delegates from 12 countries met in Copenhagen to discuss the impact of education on health and on social and civic engagement. The main part of the meeting focused on two major papers... View summary report

An International Seminar on “Demand, Autonomy, and Accountability in Schooling" took place in Brussels on 15-16 May 2006 to explore how mechanisms affecting parental choice, school autonomy and system accountability can help to improve the quality and equity of schooling. As its starting point, the seminar drew on the outcomes of CERI analysis on Demand for Schooling... View summary report

New sections on the Web

Coming up: meetings/conferences

Off the press

Think Scenarios, Rethink Education
This latest volume in the "Schooling for Tomorrow" series goes beyond the OECD's own set of educational futures already published. It discusses how to develop scenarios and use them to address the challenges confronting policy and practice.
200 pages, printed in April 2006

Useful links

Interesting links for educational research.

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