Student Agency for 2030

Student agency for 2030 is rooted in the belief that students have the ability and the will to influence positively their own lives and the world around them. Student agency is defined as the capacity to set a goal, reflect and act responsibly to effect change.


>>Student Agency in brief
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OECD Learning Compass 2030

Student agency

Hon. Hekia PARATA, Thought Leader

Student agency

Kiran BIR SETHI, Thought Leader


Andria ZAFIRAKOU, Thought Leader

Student agency - Portugal

João COSTA, Thought Leader

Agency in action

India, Volunteering

Growth Mindset

Carol DWECK, Thought Leader

Student agency in sustainable development

Australia, STEM

Co-agency in national language instruction

Japan, National Language

Co-agency in whole school programmes

USA, Interdisciplinary

Agency and well-being

Atsushi NISHIDA, Thought Leader

Self-esteem during adolescence

Hiromichi KATO, Thought Leader

Teacher Agency

Kiran BIR SETHI, Thought Leader