Future of Education and Skills 2030 Curriculum Database

Commissioned Papers

The Future of Education and Skills 2030 project has commissioned numerous experts to draft papers on a wide range of topics relevant to the project. Those papers which have been declassified are published below as free online PDFs.


Title of Paper

Atkin, J. Suggestions for an OECD key competencies framework
Augustine, D., Chrona, J., Hodgson, C. & Williams, L. Meaningful reconciliation: indigenous knowledges flourishing in B.C.'s K-12 education system for the betterment of all students
Benander, R. Literature Summary for Research on the Transfer of Learning
Berger, T. & Frey, B. Future Shocks and Shifts: Challenges for the Global Workforce and Skills Development
Chung, C., Rus, C., Bishop, P., Aguirre-Esponda, G. J., Hideyuki, H., Balankat, A., Monticone, C., Adler, A. & Seligman, M. The E2030 Conceptual learning framework as a tool to build common understanding of complex concepts
Confrey, J. A Synthesis of Research on Learning Trajectories/Progressions in Mathematics
Dunn, J., Salmela-Aro, K., Talreja, V., Abiko, T., Steinemann, N., Leadbeater, C., Bentley, T., Grayling, A., Kunin, D., Walt, N., Toutant, A., Allen, R., Haste, H. & Bishop, P. Conceptual learning framework: Conceptual papers
Fadel, C. Framework Issues paper including Cross-walks
Felder, F., Grayling, A., Steinberg, L. & Bentley, T. Future of Education and Skills 2030: Reflections on transformative competencies 2030 
Garcia, E. The role of skills, competencies and behaviour in determining short and long term outcomes: A literature review
Gromada, A. & Shewbridge, C. Student learning time, a literature review
Haste, H. Preliminary summary of literature review: Competences and Values - the E2030 model
Isaacs, T. Policy review on designing, planning and implementation
Laukkonen, R. E., Legget, J.M., Gallagher, R.M., Biddell, H.L., Mrazek, A.J., Slagter, H.A., & Mrazek, M.D. The Science of Mindfulness-Based Interventions and Learning A Review for Educators
Lippman, L. Well-being as part of 21st Century competencies
Luckin, R. & Issroff, K. (draft I)
Miller, Berkowitz & Bier (2018) (draft II)
Education and AI: preparing for the future & AI, Attitudes and Values
Oates, T. Transnational Comparative Method Regarding Curriculum
Rychen, D. S. E2030 Conceptual Framework: Key Competencies for 2030 (DeSeCo 2.0)
Rychen, D. S.,  Lippman, L., Lambert, P. Bishop, P., Hall, R., Young, M., Ross, K., Tomporowski, P., Collins, A., Jacobs, R., Billett, S. & Schonert-Reichl, K.A. E2030 Progress report on the conceptual framework with visual presentation
Schmidt, W. Pursuit of Science Literacy
Schmidt, W. Transnational Curriculum Analysis: Twenty years of background analysing mathematics and science curricula
Schoon, I. & Haste, H. Draft Papers supporting the OECD Learning Framework 2030
Tichnor-Wagner, A. Change management for curriculum implementation: Facilitating and hindering factors of curriculum implementation
Tichnor-Wagner, A. Connections between Anticipation-Action-Reflection and Continuous Improvement Cycles

Young, M. (Section I)
Ross, K., Tomporowski, P., Collins, A., Jacobs, R. & Bilett, S. (Section II)
Lippman, L. (Section III)
Schonert-Reichl, K.A. (Section IV)

Preliminary reflections and research on Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Values necessary for 2030

van den Akker, J.

Bridging curriculum redesign and implementation

Voogt, J.

E2030 Curriculum Analysis: Literature review on the impact study

Voogt, J., Nieveen, N., van de Oudewetering, K. & Sligte, H.

Curriculum analysis: Literature review on managing time lag and technology in education

Voogt, J., Nieveen, N. & Thijs, A.

Preliminary findings from an international literature review on “ensuring equity and innovations"

Voogt, J., Nieveen, N., Thus, A. & Kuiper, W.

Literature review on flexibility and autonomy

Zarmati, L.

Future of Education and Skills 2030: Curriculum analysis. Learning progression in history


NOTE: this page will continue to be updated as the papers become declassified

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