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Curriculum Flexibility and Autonomy in Portugal - an OECD Review

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Commissioned Papers

The Future of Education and Skills 2030 project has commissioned numerous experts to draft papers on a wide range of topics relevant to the project. Those papers which have been declassified are published below as free online PDFs.


Title of Paper

Benander, R. Literature Summary for Research on the Transfer of Learning
Berger, T. & Frey, B. Future_Shocks_and_Shifts:_Challenges_for_the_Global_Workforce_and_Skills_Development
Confrey, J. A Synthesis of Research on Learning Trajectories/Progressions in Mathematics
Luckin, R. & Issroff, K. (draft I)
Berkowitz, M. & Miller, K. (draft II)
Rychen, D. S. E2030 Conceptual Framework: Key Competencies for 2030 (DeSeCo 2.0)
Tichnor-Wagner, A. Connections_between_Anticipation-Action-Reflection_and_Continuous_Improvement_Cycles

Young, M. (Section I)
Ross, K., Tomporowski, P., Collins, A., Jacobs, R. & Bilett, S. (Section II)
Lippman, L. (Section III)
Schonert-Reichl, K.A. (Section IV)

Preliminary reflections and research on Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Values necessary for 2030

Zarmati, L.

Future of Education and Skills 2030: Curriculum analysis. Learning progression in history


NOTE: this page will continue to be updated as the papers become declassified

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