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  • The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) - 2013 Results

    How can countries prepare teachers to face the diverse challenges in today’s schools? TALIS helps answer this question by asking teachers and school leaders about their working conditions and the learning environments at their schools.

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  • Directorate for Education and Skills - Brochure

    The OECD Directorate for Education and Skills helps individuals and nations to identify and develop the knowledge and skills that drive better jobs and better lives, generate prosperity and promote social inclusion. We encourage countries to compare their experiences and learn from each other, and we accompany them in the difficult process of policy implementation.

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  • Education GPS - The world of education at your fingertips

    Education GPS is the source for internationally comparable data and analysis on education policies and practices, opportunities and outcomes. Accessible any time, in real time, the Education GPS provides you with the latest information on how countries are working to develop high-quality and equitable education systems.

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OECD Skills Outlook 2015 - Youth, Skills and Employability

Young people around the world are struggling to enter the labour market. In some OECD countries, one in four 16-29 year-olds is neither employed nor in education or training. The OECD Skills Outlook 2015 shows how improving the employability of youth requires a comprehensive approach.


Education at a Glance 2014: OECD Indicators

This annual publication is the authoritative source for accurate and relevant information on the state of education around the world.

Featuring more than 150 charts, 300 tables, and over 100 000 figures, it provides data on the structure, finances, and performance of education systems in the OECD’s 34 member countries, as well as a number of partner countries.



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Education Policy Outlook 2015 - Making Reforms Happen

The 2015 edition of the Education Policy Outlook provides a comparative review of policy trends. It explores specific reforms adopted across the OECD over the past seven years to help countries learn from one another and choose the reforms best adapted to their needs and context.


Universal Basic Skills - What Countries Stand to Gain

This report offers a glimpse of the stunning economic and social benefits that all countries, regardless of their national wealth, stand to gain if they ensure that every child not only has access to education but, through that education, acquires at least the baseline level of skills needed to participate fully in society.

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Marilyn Achiron | July 29

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Tracey Burns | July 21

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Easing the learning journey for immigrant students
Marilyn Achiron | July 9

Are vocational programmes preparing school leavers for a risky job market?
Dirk Van Damme | July 3

What computer skills can do for you
Andreas Schleicher | June 23

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Daniel Salinas | June 16

It's a matter of trust
Andreas Schleicher | June 10

No one left behind?
Dirk Van Damme | June 5

Lessons learned in Lyon
by Andreas Schleicher | June 3

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OECD Education and Skills Newsletter - June 2015

Governments must step up efforts to tackle youth unemployment

Teaching in Focus No. 11 - Supporting new teachers

Universal Basic Skills - What Countries Stand to Gain

PISA in Focus No. 51 What do parents look for in their child’s school?

Sweden should urgently reform its school system to improve quality and equity

Improving Schools in Sweden: An OECD Perspective

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