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  • The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) - 2013 Results

    How can countries prepare teachers to face the diverse challenges in today’s schools? TALIS helps answer this question by asking teachers and school leaders about their working conditions and the learning environments at their schools.

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  • Directorate for Education and Skills - Brochure

    The OECD Directorate for Education and Skills helps individuals and nations to identify and develop the knowledge and skills that drive better jobs and better lives, generate prosperity and promote social inclusion. We encourage countries to compare their experiences and learn from each other, and we accompany them in the difficult process of policy implementation.

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  • Education GPS - The world of education at your fingertips

    Education GPS is the source for internationally comparable data and analysis on education policies and practices, opportunities and outcomes. Accessible any time, in real time, the Education GPS provides you with the latest information on how countries are working to develop high-quality and equitable education systems.

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Education at a Glance 2014: OECD Indicators

This annual publication is the authoritative source for accurate and relevant information on the state of education around the world.

Featuring more than 150 charts, 300 tables, and over 100 000 figures, it provides data on the structure, finances, and performance of education systems in the OECD’s 34 member countries, as well as a number of partner countries.


TALIS 2013 Results - An International Perspective on Teaching and Learning 

The OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) aims to provide valid, timely and comparable information to help countries review and define policies for developing a high-quality teaching profession. It is an opportunity for teachers and school leaders to provide input into educational policy analysis and development in key areas. Themes explored include professional development, school leadership, teaching practices, school climate, appraisal and feedback, job satisfaction and teacher profiles.

Complete TALIS 2013 results


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PISA 2012 Results: Students and Money (Volume VI) - Financial Literacy Skills for the 21st Century

This sixth volume of PISA 2012 results examines 15-year-old students’ performance in financial literacy in the 18 countries and economies that participated in this optional assessment. Published 9 July 2014

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Time for the U.S. to Reskill? What the Survey of Adult Skills Says | 12 November

This study identifies key lessons about the strategic objectives and directions which should form a frame for policy development in the US, including policy on adult learning and schooling.

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Marilyn Achiron | February 12

Who enjoys the opportunity to be better educated than their parents?
Dirk Van Damme | January 29

A shared aspiration
Alfonso Echazarra | January 20

Improving the school climate and opportunities to learn
Gabriela Miranda Moriconi | January 15

Education and the modern family
Tracey Burns and Roxanne Kovacs | January 8

The sustainability of the UK’s higher education system
Andreas Schleicher | January 6

Skills and wage inequality across labour markets
Dirk Van Damme | December 22

The efficiency of Italian schools in an international perspective
Tommaso Agasisti | December 19

What works best for learning in schools
Cassandra Davis | December 16

Trouble with homework
Marilyn Achiron | December 11

Shedding light on teaching and learning across education levels
Katarzyna Kubacka | December 8

Man with a mission
Marilyn Achiron | December 2

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PISA in Focus No. 48 - Does Math Make You Anxious?

Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Lives: A Strategic Approach to Education and Skills Policies for the United Arab Emirates

A Skills beyond School Review of Egypt

Education Indicator in Focus No. 28 - Are young people attaining higher levels of education than their parents?

Archived webinar - OECD Education Briefing on the latest Education Policy Outlook 2015, and the interim Education at a Glance report

International Summit on the Teaching Profession (29-20 March 2015 Banff, Alberta, Canada)

PISA in Focus No. 47 How has student performance evolved over time? 

Success of education reforms threatened by lack of oversight, says OECD

Education Fast Forward debate - "Turning school performance to economic success" starting at 10h15 Paris time on Monday 19th January 2015, at the Education World Forum. Opening with a presentation by Andreas Schleicher.

Directorate for Education and Skills - Brochure

OECD Education and Skills Newsletter - December 2014

Re-shaping Teacher Careers in Chile - Selected International Evidence

New Insights from TALIS 2013 - Teaching and Learning in Primary and Upper Secondary Education

PISA in Focus No. 46 - Does homework perpetuate inequities in education?

Teaching in Focus No. 8 - What TALIS reveals about teachers across education levels

PISA 2012 Technical report

Education Indicators in Focus No. 26 - Learning Begets Learning: Adult Participation in Lifelong Education

PISA in Focus No. 45 - Do countries with high mean performance in PISA maintain their lead as students age?

Skills Beyond Schools Synthesis Report

A Skills beyond School Review of South Africa

A Skills Beyond School Review of the Netherlands

Critical Maths for Innovative Societies - The Role of Metacognitive Pedagogies

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