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Recent macro-economic and financial market data

Reports on macro-economic situation

Macro-economic projections

Information on government budget


Important home pages

Recent macro-economic and financial market data

[ Key indicators(IMF's Dissemination Bulletin Board)] [Summary charts]

[ Recent releases of Statistics Canada] [ By date (including calendar)]

[CPI press release][ Unemployment and employment]

[ OECD Economic Outlook: Statistical Annex / Flashfile ]

[US$/C$(intra-day graph)] [ US$/C$(inter-day graph 1)] [ US$/C$(inter-day graph 2)] [ US$/C$(inter-day graph 3)] [ To make a customised graph of the Canadian dollar]

[ TSE300 (intraday graph)] [TSE300 (end-of-day graph)]

[Long-term interest rates(end-of-day table)][ Short-term interest rates(end-of-day table)]

[Bank of Canada's weekly financial statistics]

Reports on macro-economic situation

[ Quarterly report of Department of Finance] [ Economic and Fiscal Update ]

[ Monetary policy report of the Bank of Canada (semi-annual)] [ Bank of Canada Review]

[ TD Weekly Digest of Economic and Financial Developments] [ BMO Monthly Review]

[ OECD Economic Outlook: summary country note and country forecast table] [OECD Economic Survey] [ Other OECD documents focused on Canada] [ IMF country page]

Macro-economic projections

[ The Economist Poll of Forecasters]

[ TD Quarterly economic forecasts]

[ OECD] [ OECD Economic Outlook: Statistical Annex / Flashfile ] [ IMF]

Information on government budget

[ Information on federal budget]

[ Monthly Fiscal Monitor]


[Governor of the Bank of Canada][ Minister of Finance]

Important home pages

[Statistics Canada]

[Bank of Canada]

[ Department of Finance][ Prime Minister's Office][ Government of Canada]

[Toronto Stock Exchange]

[CLC trade union] [CSN trade union]

[The Conference Board of Canada][ IRPP] [ Other research institutes]

Real-time/daily news: [The Globe and Mail ] [Canoe]

[Election results]

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