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Recent macro-economic and financial market data

Reports on macro-economic situation

Macro-economic projections

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Recent macro-economic and financial market data

[Key indicators(IMF's Dissemination Bulletin Board)] [ Charts of Key indicators] [ Japan: Monthly Statistics(downloadable)]

[GDP (Figures and tables)] [Industrial and tertiary production] [Private consumption and income] [Employment and unemployment] [CPI] [wages] [ Current account] [ Foreign trade] [ Housing starts] [ Other statistical information]

[ Business Outlook Survey] [Tankan survey]

[ OECD Economic Outlook: Statistical Annex / Flashfile ]

[US$/yen (intra-day graph)] [ US dollar/yen (graph on daily basis )] [ euro/yen (graph on daily basis )] [ To make a customised graph]

[ Official interest rates of Japan, US and euro area(daily; graph)] [Interest rates(table)]

[Nikkei (intra-day graph)] [Nikkei (graph on daily basis for past three months)]

Reports on macro-economic situation

[ Monthly economic review of the Bank of Japan] [ Announcements and Minutes of the Monetary Policy Meeting (including other reports of the Bank of Japan)]

[ Monthly economic report of Cabinet Office] [ Other official government reports on macroeconomic situation] [ Other official reports on macroeconomic outlook ]

[Economic reports of DIR (Dawai Institute of Research)]

[ OECD Economic Outlook: summary country note and country forecast table] [OECD Economic Survey] [ Other OECD documents focussed on Japan] [ IMF country page]

Macro-economic projections

[ The Economist Poll of Forecasters]

[ OECD] [ OECD Economic Outlook: Statistical Annex / Flashfile ] [ IMF]

[ Government ] [ Bank of Japan(July 2009) ]

[ Japan Center for Economic Research] [ LINK] [ DIR (Dawai Institute of Research)]

Information on government budget

[ Ministry of Finance: budget information] [ Other official report on fiscal policy]

[Monthly report on central government revenues and outlays]


[ Governor of the Bank of Japan] [ Minister of Finance]

Important home pages

[Statistics Bureau]

[Bank of Japan ] [ FSA  ]

[Ministry of Finance (MOF)] [ Cabinet Office (previously EPA)] [ CEFP] [Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry] [Prime Minister's Office]

Economic research institutes: [ Cabinet Office (previously EPA)] [ ESRI (previously EPA)] [Institute for Monetary and Economic Studies (BoJ)] [ Japan Center for Economic Research] [ Other research institutes]

[ Tokyo Stock Exchange]

[Keidanren (Japanese employers organisation)] [RENGO(Japanese trade union federation)]

Real-time/daily news: [Nihon Keiza Shimbun / Nikkei Net Interactive] [Japan Times] [Yomiuri Shimbun]

[Election results]

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