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Recent macro-economic and financial market data

[Key indicators(source BEA)] [ Key indicators(IMF's Dissemination Bulletin Board)] [Key data  (graphs, FED NY)] [Key data: calendar]

[ GDP, personal income and outlays, international trade, current account] [ international capital flows]

[ Employment and unemployment] [ weekly unemployment claims] [Industrial production] [Retail sales] [Car sales] [Inventories] [Chicago Fed National Activity Index] [Fed NY: Tech pulse index]

[Housing starts ] [Residential vacancies and homeownership] [ New home sales ] [ Existing home sales ] [ Other housing statistics of NAR] [Construction] [House prices (FHFA, formerly OFHEO)] [House prices (S&P/Case-Shiller)] [Mortgage Delinquencies and Foreclosures ] [Mortgage Delinquencies and Foreclosures (OCC & OTS, juni 2009)] [Home builders confidence] [NAHB housing opportunity index] [NAR housing affordability index] [FHFB monyhly survey on mortgages] [FHA information] [FDIC data and analysis] [Fed: Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices ] [Non-prime mortgage conditions by state ] [State of the Nation's Housing 2009 (June 2009)]

[ Business Cycle Clock]

[CPI] [PPI] [Employment cost index] [Productivity and labor costs]

[ Durable goods orders (advance) ] [ Goods orders ] [ Leading indicator ] [ ISM purchasing managers indices ] [ Consumer Confidence (Conference Board)] [ Consumer Confidence (University of Michigan)] [ Consumer Confidence (University of Michigan) (graph)] [ Consumer FED Philadelphia: anxious index ] [ US Today / IHS Global Insight Economic Outlook index ]

[ OECD Economic Outlook: Statistical Annex / Flashfile ]

Stockmarket indices: [ Dow Jones index (intraday graph)] [Dow Jones index(end-of-day graph)] [Other stockmarket indices ]

Interest rates: [ Official interest rates of US, Japan and euro area(daily; graph)] [Fed funds futures] [Fed funds expectations coming FOMC meeting] [Interest rates(real-time)] [10yr government rates(graph)] [ Long-term interest rates] [10yr government rates(daily)] [Expected inflation] [Statistical Bulletin Federal Reserve]

[ Federal Reserve:Credit and Liquidity Programs and the Balance Sheet]

Exchange rates: [euro/US$(real-time graph)] [US$/yen(real-time graph)] [ Euro vis-a-vis US$ (end-of-day graph 1)] [ US$/euro (end-of-day graph 2)] [ To make a customised graph]

Reports on macro-economic situation

[Fed: Beige Book] [Fed: Monetary Policy Report to Congress]

[ NBER: Upswing ended in December 2007(December 2008)] [ other information of NBER's Business Cycle Dating Committee ]

[ CEA: Economic Report of the President(annually; February) ]

[ CBO reports on stimulus proposals ]

[ Congressional Oversight Panel: TARP (April 2009)]

[ Treasury: Report to Congress on International Economic and Exchange Rate Policies (December 2008) ]

Reports of Fed districts: [ Cleveland] [ St. Louis] [ other districts]

[ Financial Crisis Timeline ]

Interest rate decisions:   [ Statements and minutes]  [ Current forms of FED lending]  [ 16 December 2008 (federal funds rate down by 75-100bp to 0-0.25%) ] [ 29 October 2008 (federal funds rate down by 50bp to 1%) ] [ 8 October 2008 (federal funds rate down by 50bp to 1.5%; coordinated cut) ] [ 25 June 2008 (federal funds rate unchanged at 2%) ] [ 30 April 2008 (federal funds rate down by 25bp to 2%) ] [ 18 March 2008 (federal funds rate down by 75bp to 2.25%) ] [ 16 March 2008 (discount rate down by 25bp to 3.25%) ] [ 29 January 2008 (federal funds rate down by 50bp to 3%) ] [ 22 January 2008 (federal funds rate down by 75bp to 3.5%) ] [ Establishment of Term Auction Facility, 12 December] [ 11 December 2007 (federal funds rate down by 25bp to 4.25%) ] [ 31 October (federal funds rate down by 25bp to 4.5%) ] [ 17 September (federal funds rate down by 50bp to 4.75%) ] [ 17 August 2007 (discount rate down by 50bp to 5.75%; 1) ] [ 17 August 2007 (discount rate down by 50bp to 5.75%; 2) ] [ 8 August 2006(unchanged at 5.25%) ] [ 29 June 2006(25bp hike to 5.25%) ] [ 28 March 2006(25bp hike to 5%) ] [ 30 June 2004(25bp hike to 1.25%) ] 25 June 2003(25bp cut to 1%) ] [ 16 May 2000 (50bp increase to 6.5)

[ OECD Economic Outlook: summary country note and country forecast table] [OECD Economic Survey] [ Other OECD documents focussed on the United States] [ IMF country page]

Macro-economic projections

[ The Economist Poll of Forecasters]

[Federal Reserve(June 2009; see annex)] [CBO]

[ Quarterly Survey of Professional Forecasters ] [ NABE Quarterly Outlook Survey ]

[ OECD] [ OECD Economic Outlook: Statistical Annex / Flashfile ] [ IMF]

Information on government budget

[The Presidents Budget documents]   [ OMB Mid-session review(August 2009)] [ Other budget information from OMB] [ Recovery.gov (information on stimulus programme]

[ Internal Revenue Service]

[Monthly Treasury Statement] [ CBO's Analysis of the Monthly Treasury Statement]

[ CBO's The Budget and Economic Outlook; An Update (August 2009)] [ CBO Long-term budgetary outlook (June 2009)] [ CBO's Preliminary Analysis of the Presidentís Budget (March 2009)] [ CBO's The Budget and Economic Outlook (January 2009)] [ CBO's current budget projections] [ other CBO reports] [US Congress information on budget]

[ BEA data on government budget]

[ Budget analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities]


Federal Reserve Board members: [Speeches] [Testimonies]

[(Deputy)Treasury Secretary]

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