Workshop on Pro-competition regulatory reforms: design, assessment, and impact using the OECD Product Market Regulation indicators

Organised jointly by the OECD Economics Department and the European Commission Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs

Aim of the workshop

A competitive business environment fosters the efficient allocation of resources across firms because it allows the more efficient firms to gain market share at the expense of the less efficient ones. It also provides firms with greater incentives to adopt better management practices. Moreover, lower barriers to entry can facilitate innovation and encourage firms to adopt innovative technologies and practices. By fostering these mechanisms the adoption of pro-competition regulatory framework can promote productivity and growth.

The OECD Product Market Regulation (PMR) indicators  are a unique and globally-recognised set of policy indicators that measure the presence of unnecessary regulatory barriers to firm entry and growth that could impede the efficient working of competition across a broad range of economic sectors and policy domains.

This workshop brings together experts who will share examples of how these indicators can be used to assess the regulatory framework of individual countries, identify possible regulatory weaknesses and design policy reforms that address them. It will also provide an opportunity to show how these indicators can be used to support the empirical analysis of the impact of pro-competition regulation reforms on important economic variables, such as productivity, GDP, and innovation, and some of the key results that have been obtained.

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Keynote speaker

Giuseppe Nicoletti, a Ph.D. in Economics from NYU,is currently Senior Research Fellow and Visiting Professor at the LUISS Lab of European Economics (LUISS University Department of Economics and Finance, Rome). As an OECD consultant, he supervises a task force supporting work for the next Italian G7 Presidency and has recently contributed to the extension of the OECD PMR indicators to digital markets. He is also a board member of the French National Productivity Board and of the Italian Monitoring Commission on Civil Justice reform. In the past, he has headed the Structural Policy Analysis Division at the OECD Economics Department from 2004 to 2021, where he supervised research in several areas, co-founded and managed the OECD Global Forum on Productivity and coordinated the team supporting the Italian Presidency of the G20. He has designed and implemented the first vintages of the OECD PMR and published extensively in peer-reviewed journals focusing on the link between policies and growth. He previously worked as senior economist at the OECD and at the Italian Antitrust. 

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