OECD Economic Outlook May 2018

General Assessment of the Macroeconomic Situation

Global growth is set to remain close to 4% in the next two years

General assessment of the macroeconomic situation (PDF)

The expansion is set to persist over the next two years, with global GDP projected to rise by close to 4% in 2018 and 2019. Growth in the OECD area is set to remain around 2½ per cent per annum, helped by fiscal easing in many economies, and will strengthen to close to 5% elsewhere. Although job growth is likely to ease in advanced economies, the OECD-wide unemployment rate is projected to fall to its lowest level since 1980, with labour shortages intensifying in some countries. Wage and price inflation are accordingly projected to rise, but only moderately, given the apparent muted impact of resource pressures on inflation in recent years and the scope left in some economies to strengthen labour force participation and hours worked. Read more


Policy challenges from closer international trade and financial integration

Policy challenges from closer international trade and financial integration: Dealing with economic shocks and spillovers (pdf)

Global economic integration has been a powerful driver of increased economic efficiency and improved living standards around the world, and has contributed to sizeable economic gains in emerging market economies (EMEs). In spite of these gains, enhanced integration has also raised concerns about the costs it has imposed on vulnerable groups and its potential impact on inequality in advanced economies.

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Evaluación general

Evaluación general de la situación économica

La economía mundial crece ahora a su ritmo más alto desde 2010 y el repunte está cada vez más sincronizado entre los distintos países. La tan ansiada mejora del crecimiento mundial está respaldada por el estímulo de las políticas adoptadas y lleva aparejada un sólido aumento del empleo, una moderada recuperación de la inversión y un repunte de la actividad comercial. Se prevé que el crecimiento del PIB mundial se sitúe justo por encima del 3½ por ciento este año, aumentando hasta el 3¾ por ciento en 2018 antes de retroceder ligeramente en 2019.