Economic outlook, analysis and forecasts


  • Economic Outlook and Interim Economic Outlook

    Global growth prospects have clouded this year. A further sharp slowdown in emerging market economies (EMEs) is weighing on global activity and trade, and subdued investment and productivity growth is checking the momentum of the recovery in the advanced economies.

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  • Economic Survey of Ireland 2015

    The Irish economy grew by 5.2% in 2014 and is expected to continue growing strongly. The recovery has broadened to the domestic economy and employment is expanding briskly. The main risks to the outlook are a slowdown in trading partner growth and further financial turmoil in the Eurozone.

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  • Economic Survey of Iceland 2015

    Iceland has entered its 5th year of economic recovery and prospects are good for continuing growth. Recent nominal wage settlements are inconsistent with fundamentals and will require tighter monetary policy to forestall a wage-price spiral.

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