OECD statistics on measuring economic performance and social progress


In remarks prepared for a workshop on the findings of the Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress set up by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Mr Gurría noted that the OECD is well placed to lead international cooperation on harmonising concepts and methodologies.


OECD publishes a wide range of statistics related to the measurement of economic performance and social progress. A selection of these are listed below.


Ready-made tables:

• Real net national income

• Household spending at constant US dollars

• Household wealth and indebtedness

• Distribution of income

• Share of time taken by leisure and other activities across an average day

• Average annual working time

• Anatomy of a typical work year for dependent employees

• Employment rates of native-born and foreign-born population by educational attainment

• Unemployment rates of foreign- and native-born population

• People reporting various positive and negative experiences

• CO2 emissions from fuel combustion 

• Water abstractions 



• OECD Factbook 2009

• Society at a Glance


Databases (available on subscription):

• OECD National Accounts Statistics

• OECD Economic Outlook: statistics and projections

• OECD Social Expenditure Statistics