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This series makes available, to a wider audience, selected studies which the Department has prepared for use within OECD.

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The Future of Productivity, Joint Economics Department and the Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Note, July 2015
El Futuro de la Productividad, Nota conjunta de política del Departamento de Asuntos Económicos y de la Dirección de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación, julio de 2015

No. 28, July 2015

Achieving prudent debt targets using fiscal rules

No. 27, June 2015

How to restore a healthy financial sector that supports long lasting inclusive growth?

No. 26, April 2015

Growth and income inequality: trends and policy implications

No. 25, April 2015

Do policies that boost aggregate growth generate economic instability for individual households?


No. 24, July 2014

Shifting gear:  policy challenges for the next 50 years

No. 23, February 2014

OECD forecasts during and after the financial crisis: a post mortem

No. 22, February 2014

How do growth-promoting policies affect macroeconomic stability?


No. 21, November 2013

Medium-run capacity adjustment in the automobile industry

No. 20, July 2013

How much scope for growth and equity-friendly fiscal consolidation? 

No. 19, June 2013

What future for health spending?

No. 18, June 2013

What makes civil justice effective?, Giustizia civile: come promuoverne l’efficienza?

No. 17, June 2013

Raising the returns to innovation: structural policies for a knowledge-based economy

N°. 16, Jan 2013

Debt and Macroeconomic stability: The perils of high debt and how to avoid them



‌N°. 15, Nov 2012

Looking to 2060: A global vision of long-term growth

‌N°. 14, Jun 2012

Financial Contagion in the Era of Globalised Banking

‌‌N°. 13, Jun 2012

International capital mobility: structural policies to reduce financial fragility

‌‌N°. 12, Apr 2012

What are the best policy instruments for fiscal consolidation?

‌‌N°. 11, Apr 2012

Fiscal consolidation: How much is needed to reduce debt to a prudent level?

‌‌N°. 10, Feb 2012

Managing government debt and assets after the crisis

‌‌N°. 09, Jan 2012

Income inequality and growth - The role of taxes and transfers

‌‌‌N°. 08, Jan 2012

Inequality in labour income - What are its drivers and how can it be reduced?



‌‌‌N°. 07, Jul 2011

Recent Developments in the Automobile Industry

‌‌‌N°. 06, May 2011

Getting the most out of International Capital Flows

‌‌‌N°. 05, Apr 2011

The persistence of high unemployment: what risks? what policies?

‌‌‌N°. 04, Mar 2011              

The Effects of Oil Price Hikes on Economic Activity and Inflation

‌‌‌N°. 03, Mar 2011

The Impact of Structural Reforms on Current Account Imbalances



‌‌‌N°. 02, Nov 2010              

Health care systems: Getting more value for money

‌‌‌N°. 01, May 2010

Counter Cyclical Economic Policy


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